About me

In 2003 I took a leap of faith and moved with my family from Australia home to Barcelona, Spain, where I accidently opened a restaurant. I say accidently because the original idea was to find work as a chef somewhere and polish my rather wanton language skills. But the opportunity to be the propietor of my very own place came along and I just couldn’t turn it down.

EMU BAR was Barcelona’s first and only Australian eatery and the four years I spent there where both incredibly intense and professionally gratifying. The idea was to put a bit of fire into the bellies of my Mediterranean counterparts and my quirky little eatery became quickly known as the only place in Barcelona to get a taste of real spice.

I have since closed EMU BAR’s door to pursue my food writing full time. Barcelona has also moved on gastronomically and I’m pleased to report there are new place popping up all over the city all the time where real spice can be had.

These days I dedicate all my time to food writing, food photography and running my beautiful 17th century Masia in Alt Penedes where I also hold Boca a Boca food tours and cooking classes,  and I have to say I´m loving every minute of it!